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Coldfront Main
Strange Leaflet
Written by Clackling   
Monday, 18 June 2007
The strange leaflet is an enigma in itself. If you've played Zork, you've got a leg up already. Clearly, I'm not going to put a straight walkthrough here, but I will post a bit of Q and A that you can look at if you're stuck (highlight for answers):

Q. What do I do first?
A. The initial area isn't so big. Wander around, try interacting with stuff. Use very simple commands, not complex ones. Try two-word sentences like LOOK MAILBOX or OPEN DOOR. Do not enter TAKE THE PAPER OUT OF THE MAILBOX because it won't understand.

Q. Alright, what's with these secret codes everyone's always talking about?
A. The secret codes were put in as a Zork reference, and for those who played the game, they would know the code. It's always been our policy not to spoiler them here, so the only thing I will tell you is that there are multiple codes nowadays, and they are related to whatever you happen to see on top of the fireplace.

Q. I've got a sword. Now what?
A. Have you explored the area enough? Did you notice any places you might be able to use the sword to access a new area?

Q. Why can't I get around this snake? He keeps poisoning me!
A. What's that in your hand? A sword? Wow, how'd that get there? Maybe you should try using it, to, I don't know, KILL the snake?

Q. I've seen people with a Grue familiar. I know it comes from the Leaflet, but how'd they get it?
A. Are you sure you've looked everywhere? Even behind certain objects? Grues tend to live in dark places, so I'd check around there.

Q. I've killed the snake, and gotten my reward. Is that the end of the quest?
A. No! You're barely halfway done! Maybe you can shed some light in the house to find out where to go next...

Q. This stupid maze is SO annoying! How do I get out?!
A. Keep going. I'm sure you'll find your way out eventually.

Q. Okay, there's all these weird objects at the tree. What do I do with them?
A. Well, if you've played Zork, you'll recognize that egg. You can probably grab it. Then, when we get stuck, what's the best solution? Anger! Chuck the egg at something, see what happens!

Q. Oh man. This giant must be cheating! Every time I face him, I pick the wrong cup! Is it RNG bad luck? Or is there something deeper that I'm missing?
A. Did you get that parchment from down below? What did it say on it? Maybe you can use that...

Q. Some people talk about keeping CLEESH outside of combat. How'd they do it?
A. Well, if you're already across the river, it's too late. There's always next ascension. Otherwise, maybe you should search the house a bit better before torching the place.

If there's anything major I missed in this Q/A, please email me and let me know so I can add it.
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