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Coldfront Main
Bitchin' Meatcar
Written by Nikademus   
Wednesday, 22 September 2004
Level: 4
Location: Guilds of Loathing

This is the first quest given to you by your guild.

brotherhoodleague shadows

Your guild requests that you rebuild the meatcar, the parts of which can be found at Degrassi Knoll. You're given the Degrassi Knoll Shopping List, and must use it in Degrassi Knoll to collect the following items:

Once you have the items, the rest of the quest is done in your inventory screen.





Comments (23)add comment

yummypie said:

  wtf i get sweet rims!
May 29, 2006

yummypie said:

  wtf i cant get sweet rims!
May 29, 2006

maplepower said:

  just go to the hermit and trade for sweet rims!!!!
June 01, 2006

DarkStryker said:

  what are the items to trade for the hermit?
July 04, 2006

DarkStryker said:

  what are the items to trade for the hermit?
July 04, 2006

Dumbass said:

  worthless things like a worthless trinket or a worthless nick nack or a worthless ge-gaw.
July 09, 2006

Dumbass said:

  U dont get this from the concil!
July 09, 2006

wa_ said:

  how do you make the meat stack?!
July 15, 2006

peter_b9 said:

  To make a meat stack, go to the bottom miscellaneous inventory screen and when it says make meat paste click on the window and click meat stack
July 17, 2006

Moonfart said:

Written by Moonfart on 2006-07-25 17:13:13I cannot find the hermitage...is it me? This quest baffles me, I have like 10 of everything else you need....Please help me find little Mr. Hermit! :upset
July 26, 2006

migna said:

  where is the meat from yesterday found?
August 30, 2006

Celladore said:

  The hermit is in the mountains. smilies/cheesy.gif
September 17, 2006

dudeeee609 said:

  i cant make a meat stack 0_o smilies/cry.gif
May 23, 2007

dudeeee609 said:

  i made it! smilies/grin.gif
May 23, 2007

darthpocky said:

  The worthless trinket can be traded with the hermit.
In order to get to the hermit you need to go to the market in the marketplace and get a hermit permit.
The hermitage is in the mountains.
To get the empty meat tank you open the gnollish toolbox that you got from the degrassi knoll.

June 04, 2007

a guest said:

  I cant get an empty meat tank please help. smilies/cry.gif
August 03, 2007

monkeyman88 said:

  @a guest: buy one
August 20, 2007

bingsesa11 said:

  where can i get worthless things like a worthless trinket or a worthless nick nack or a worthless ge-gaw??? smilies/sad.gif
September 20, 2007

faeriella said:

  how do you get a stack of meat? i get that it is in your inventory, but how?
April 01, 2008

kawalared said:

  i can't find the rims, he dosen't have them
April 05, 2009

crazyham72 said:

  you are all dumb ***ed nubs smilies/undecided.gif you can either do that or you can just go to the mall because its a heck lot easier
September 08, 2009

Lamm said:

  I'm aware of how dumb this question is, but for the life of me I cant fins the sewer. help?
December 14, 2010

Lamm said:

  Ok never mind. I figured it out. smilies/cheesy.gif
December 14, 2010

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