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Uncle scottmale24's amazing webcomic
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Today, 08:13 PM  Hotstuff -  This week we'll be playing the puzzle game Lara Croft GO (http://www.laracroftgo.com). Available on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile, it seems.

Yesterday, 07:37 PM  Hotstuff -  There was an off-by-one error for a handful of barrels and their drop logic. Things have been corrected, so KingBobson's chart should be accurate now, I believe.

Yesterday, 07:30 PM  Hotstuff -  Food trucks have been secured for both Friday and Saturday nights! It was like pulling teeth this year to get anyone to respond to my emails. So weird.

Tue, Sep 1st, 2015, 10:56 PM  Hotstuff -  Apparently Con happens during Arizona Restaurant Week (http://arizonarestaurantweek.com)?

Sat, Aug 29th, 2015, 08:36 PM  Hotstuff -  I haven't made it past level 4 yet. It's a fun quick little challenge, though!

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Welcome to the Official Fansite for Kingdom of Loathing

The Smelliest Place on Earth [April 2015 IotM]
Written by Nightvol   
Sunday, 05 April 2015

Come one, come all boys and girls, to Dinseylandfill, the smelliest place on earth!  A theme park crossed with a trash dump, this month's new Mr. Store special will take you on a journey of magical adventure and stench.  Head to the airport today and charter your flight to a land of smelly wonders, where attractions such as Barf Mountain and Pirates of the Garbage Barges await.

To discuss this new zone and item, please visit the official forums of loathing forum discussion thread! [link dead because forums are down]

CDMoyer Appreciation Week
Written by Nightvol   
Monday, 23 February 2015

KoL fans are probably familiar with Jick, Riff and HotStuff from the KoL podcasts and various forum postings and item descriptions - but did you know that there's another member of Asymmetric Publications? Chris "CDMoyer" Moyer serves as the kingdom's overlord of player versus player combat and also the key programmer behind many of the game's systems.  This week, we salute CDMoyer, the often-unsung hero of much of the game, with this newspost and by displaying all Wiki text in comic sans, CDMoyer's favourite font.

If you hate fun, you can opt out of the week of comic sans by visiting your CSS Userpage (User:YourUserNameHere/vector.css‎) and adding the line *{ font-family: Verdana; } but beware: you will be known as a fun-hater.  (NOTE: if you only see an * displayed in the prior sentence, click through for the full CSS block.)

An UNDYING Challenge
Written by Nightvol   
Monday, 16 February 2015

The February 2015 Challenge Path has rolled out, and it has already received one of the most positive responses to new content in quite some time.  Actually Ed the Undying is this year's "Avatar" path, and places the player into the shoes of the actual not-at-al-an-avatar shoes of Ed the Undying, immortal pharaoh and guardian of the Holy MacGuffin.  With his treasure stolen by an adventurer, Ed sets out to retrieve the MacGuffin and take his vengeance using a host of ancient curses and spells.  I hope that you like spleens, because Ed has a lot of room in his body for extra spleens.

For discussion of the new path, see the UNDYING thread.

January KoL Update Bonanza
Written by Nightvol   
Sunday, 04 January 2015

With the new year comes many new improvements to the game!

The first is the Item of the Month for January 2015, the Chateau Mantegna room keyThis item allows you to access a special suite in the big mountains that serves as an upgraded campground, providing improved versions of many of the same perks.

For discussion of the IotM, see the official forum thread.

A new season of PvP has also begun.  This season's theme is ice, so the minis revolve around the cold.

The Naughty Sorceress Quest has been entirely revamped.  While specifics are still being spaded, there is a forum thread to discuss this as well.

Finally (and perhaps most controversially) the main game's ascension format has been changed.  No more is the so-called Type69 restriction applied only to challenge paths, now it applies to standard ascensions as well.  There is a new set of gear akin to stainless steel, Porcelain, to be earned in this new style of ascension.  The old style is still available, but will not be eligible for leaderboard spots.  To discuss this change, there is yet another forum thread.

KoL is moving forward in the new year.  What will happen next?

November 2014 Item of the Month: Fist Turkey Outline
Written by Nightvol   
Tuesday, 04 November 2014

Gobble gobble, adventurers!  Do you covet the rarest familiar of all time?  The legendary turkey, crafted from an outline of the appendage that caps off your arm?  That rarest of birds, now extinct from the mall?  Now is your chance, with the fist turkey outline!  This little guy may not be as scarce as his older brother, but he's significantly more powerful.  A fist turkey will drop booze, increase item drops, attack, grant stats and more!  Just don't get on his bad side - this one has a temper.

For official gobbling, please gobble the official gobble.

October 2014 Item of the Month: airplane charter: Conspiracy Island
Written by Nightvol   
Sunday, 12 October 2014

The latest charter at the Elemental Airport is available, and you can take a scenic trip to the totally normal island where nothing at all unusual is going on. There are many interesting animals to see, people to meet, and locations to visit, all completely unremarkable and not at all suspicious.  There are certainly quests to complete, but nothing unexpected occurs during the course of questing.

To engage in entirely mundane discussion about this item, see the forum thread.



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