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Uncle scottmale24's amazing webcomic
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Yesterday, 10:28 PM  Riff -  Here is the link to the book I mentioned in this episode:

Yesterday, 01:32 PM  Mr Skullhead -  If you've got something a few hours or days from being done, please just finish it and send it in.

Wed, Jul 23rd, 2014, 10:55 PM  Mr Skullhead -  We're not going to have a hosted karaoke gig this year, yeah. If someone wants to find a karaoke venue on Sunday night and rally folks to go over there, that's fine with me--I'll be at Front's gig...

Wed, Jul 23rd, 2014, 08:57 PM  Jick -  I felt like the difficulty was tuned really well, all told, though I don't see myself ever winning the Heroic versions.

Wed, Jul 23rd, 2014, 01:58 PM  Mr Skullhead -  I still only have ten that are for-sure printable. As of right now, there is no calendar.

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Speak, Easy, and Enter! (July 2014 Item of the Month)
Written by Nightvol   
Monday, 07 July 2014

The latest Clan VIP item has arrived, in the form of the Clan Speakeasy.  This particular doohickey is the cat's pajamas - if you're clever enough to uncover its full potential.  Spading for this newest item is still ongoing, as new drinks can be unlocked by providing multiple fiendishly-complex passwords to the man who runs the establishment.  From the ability to get your semirare counter from a drink to epic-quality booze to a 100% buff to all stats, the drinks that the speakeasy will serve your clan when fully stocked are certainly the bees' knees!  

Before you 23 skiddo, why not check out the official forum discussion?

The Griller (June 2014 Mr. Store Special)
Written by Nightvol   
Sunday, 08 June 2014

June's item-of-the-month has arrived, a familiar that's almost too hot to handle.  When used, the Still Grill will transform into a Galloping Grill, a good buddy who will increase stat gains like a sombrero, restore your MP like a starfish, and drops special items that can be consumed in a variety of ways for buffs or crafted for additional power.

Of interest is that this grilltastic familiar is the first familiar to serve as an item-of-the-month since October 2013.  For familiar collectors, the drought has perhaps ended.

For discussion of the griller's delight, see discuss on the forums of officiality.

PSA: Bank of KoL
Written by Nightvol   
Monday, 26 May 2014

For many years, the user known as Bank of KoL operated a bank allowing other players to invest meat with him in return for long-term returns on the investment.  Though the bank was an entirely player-run affair in no way authorized by the game's administration, Bank of KoL ran successfully for a long period before suddenly going inactive without a word, leading to speculation and displeasure from those who had large sums of meat invested.

Recently, Bank of KoL has returned to the Kingdom with explanations for his unexpected, health-related leave of absence, and has been working to make right the accounts that he had not yet made square.  To assist with this task, he has created a thread on the Forums of Loathing to help answer the questions that people have about this unique situation. In addition to background on his absence, topics such as future returns on investment, withdrawals of current investments and deposits going forward are the main focus of the initial post. The thread will also serve as a location for updates regarding Bank of KoL.

If you had or have meat invested with Bank of KoL, we hope that this PSA is useful in helping you regain your hard-won currency, and we applaud Bank of KoL's efforts to square all accounts to the best of his ability.

Marry a Man
Written by Nightvol   
Tuesday, 06 May 2014

Spring break has come to Mr. Store!  Or rather, Mr. Store's May special is a ticket that allows you to travel to Spring Break Beach, a new zone full of exciting quests, monsters, and loot.  Whether it's the yacht, mansion or diner you choose to visit, there's a boatload of fun.  No Mr. A?  A one-day pass will let you get to the beach as well.

For discussion of this month's Mr. Store special, see this here forum discussion thing.

April 1: Item-of-the-Day and Australia Mode
Written by Nightvol   
Tuesday, 01 April 2014

G'day mates!  After years of having to play the game based on the tyranny of the northern hemisphere, our chums in Australia have finally been given a mode optimized for their browsers.  As a bonus, everybody in the game has had this mode enabled so we can all experience what it's like to live in the Land Down Under.  Additionally, the Spectral Pickle Factory has appeared in the Nearby Plains.

The April Item-of-the-Day also hit Mr. Store.  The Little Geneticist DNA-Splicing Lab allows adventurers to extract the genetic material from monsters across the kingdom, then splice it with their own to create new and unique potions.  Additionally, it allows you to choose an intrinsic effect to keep active for as long as you desire.

For discussion of Australia Mode, please see this forum thread, while those looking to talk about the Splicing Lab should direct their eyeballs here.

Spring 2014 Special Challenge Path: Avatar of Sneaky Pete
Written by Nightvol   
Saturday, 15 February 2014

What's up dawg?  This new challenge path sure his hot jiggy wonderballs.  Sneaky Pete sure is cool, and now you can be as cool as a tight-salty jukester on a fresh hog during the Avatar of Sneaky Pete path.

From the live studio audience to the thundering metal steed upon which he rides, Sneaky Pete lives and breathes style, verve and moxie.  Don't have a cow, man, just make sure to keep the ladies and gentlemen and home entertained with your catchphrases, sweet bike tricks and rogueish good looks.  Here's lookin' at you, kid.

For some phat discussion of this path, check out the official forum thread.


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